The First Day of 2017.

Last year Kevin and I started a project where we took a photo everyday at 4:30pm on our phones and uploaded it to a secret Instagram. We were not going to let each other see the pictures until the year was over. The point was to document what we were each seeing at the same time of day. I am telling you this because, the most exciting thing about 2016 coming to a close is that we get to look through all these photos! I am also telling you this because I wasn’t sure what to talk about in a “first” blog post or how to introduce ourselves.

Kevin and I met back in 2015 when we both worked at Samy’s Camera in San Francisco. We are both from San Diego, though we didn’t know each other when we lived there. Fast forward to today.. where we have sold almost everything we own (it was a tough thing to come to terms with), given up our apartment in expensive San Francisco (we are “homeless”, ironic enough) and we are going to backpack through Southeast Asia (because it is cheap and we are Asian so we blend in) starting with an extended stay in Singapore to get all of our plans sorted out.

We don’t really have any intention of this become a travel blog, we just wanted something for our friends and family to keep track of us! Hopefully with Kevin’s video skills and my photography skills we can share our experiences with you in beautiful ways to come.

– Sara



    Please be safe! Nice blog Sarah. Touching message. We miss you already and we love you very much! Happy 2017 and may your journey together be an awesome one! I envy you guys with your courage. You always have homes here… Love, all of us from SD. ❤️


  2. Daryn

    Super excited for you! I recommend extended time in the Areas of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, as well as Luang Prabang Loas. My wife and I spent nearly a month going to all the different temples of Angkor Wat, some are 2-3 hours just to get there bun tuk tuk. Laos is simply beautiful and still quiet. If you do Thailand, I’d recommend Koh Chang. When we went there wasn’t even a finished road circling the island. We swam in waterfalls and road elephants thru the jungle.
    The Sapa Region of Vietnam is also my favorite part of that country. Keep us posted!!!


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