Chinese New Year Festivities have begun.

The shopping outlets of Singapore were colored with red and gold decorations just one day after celebrating a traditional New Years. Chinese New Year isn’t until February but every mall was packed with people preparing! Talk about being ahead of the game.

Our first few days in Singapore have been a mixture of resting, eating, and being jet lagged. I have a tendency to gain like.. 5 pounds right when I land because I miss the food here so much that I will eat anything and everything that fills that empty void in my tummy. Thank god there is a gym downstairs. Tatik also cooked us Sri Lankan food last night (she learned everything from my grandmother) and it was soooo good.. there are left overs that I will be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it is gone. God help me.


But in the mean time here is a list of things we have eaten in Singapore so far:
– Rojak
– Char Kway Teow
– Chicken Rice
– Roti Prata
– Nasi Lemak
– Mee Pok Tah (like.. 4 times)
– Wanton Mee
– Beef Kway Teow

We haven’t really ventured far from the hood (Changi), except for that one day we somehow ended up downtown.

But today! I am excited for today. We are gonna make like tourists and hit up all the temples of Little India, Arab St, and Chinatown. Or at least, we are going to try, there are a lot of temples. And of course my fat ass is excited to get some bhatura. LOL. For those of you that do not know what that is let me describe it to you.. Made properly (in my opinion), is from South India. It is like a poori but much bigger, like a 1.5ft in length. It’s a fluffy, bubbly, circular bread that fills with air when you deep fry it, and I like it best dipped in some sort of spicy curry and rita!


(sorry for the iPizzle pics, I will step up my game)

UPDATE: Jan 6, 2017. I stand corrected…

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