MacRitchie Hiking

There was a time when we were in San Francisco where I signed Kevin up for a little 5K run on Thanksgiving morning, I used his email to register so he got the registration information as paid for and ready to go! Kevin doesn’t work out so of course he responded with “wtf is this?” and the voice in my head was going “he he he this is going to be so fun”.

Well.. I kind of did the same thing again.

On days where we are not organizing or planning the rest of our trip we have tried to venture out and experience Singapore as tourists. Lonely Planet and Rough Guides are the two guidebooks we have been relying on for this whole trip and both of them recommended that we take a stroll through MacRitchie Reservoir for its suspension bridge tree top walk. The whole park is about 7-10km round trip including the infamous tree top part. I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to get some exercise in and it wouldn’t be too challenging for Kevin since it was described as a “walk” not a hike. Anyway, google maps put us on a bus at dropped us at the bottom end of the park (refer to map below). Technically this would have been fine but the short route to the suspension bridges (left side of map) was closed for maintenance and we had to go the long way around (right side of map). Since I sold it to Kevin as a tree top walk, that was the goal the entire time and was going to be the highlight.



It was very hot, 92°F or 33°C to be exact. There was only shade when we were covered by trees and we almost ran out of water (we didn’t, but the story about the buttholes that gave us water is for another time).

Right when we were about to enter the cover of the trees to what we thought meant we were almost at the tree top walk (we were no where close), we ran into a family of monkeys!! I got so excited, I wanted to take pictures of all the babies with my new lens. Kevin told me not to go close to them, I of course didn’t listen.. Because I have this theory, yet to be tested, that we as humans are much larger than monkeys and the only reason why they get the upper hand is because we are scared of them and they can tell. I am prepared to out crazy a money and stand my ground, I have already practiced yelling and waving my arms about. It’s ok, Kevin has his rabies shots. Anyway.. these monkeys were not scary so I didn’t get to try out my theory. I got some cool photos but I wish I had more time! They could have been better.


The walk started to become an uphill battle from here on. Makes sense that you cannot get to the tops of trees without walking at some sort of incline. The humidity and the heat reminded us of its existence as we followed the signs to the tree tops. Well.. to make a long story short, we finally reached the beginning of the tree top walk 3 hours and 6 miles later. It was closed. LOL. Hilariously enough.. We got there at 4:47 and it strictly closed at 4:45. We hopped over the chain out of desperation to get what we came for but there was another door blocking us and a gated fence after that. I saw people just beyond that gate.. had we only been there 3 minutes earlier that could have been us too.

Hot, tired, and disappointed we found our way out of there, hopped on a bus and went to find a drink. The End.

– Sara


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