Singapore’s East Coast Park Bike Path

The weather in Singapore these past few weeks has been on the cooler side of the norm due to of all the afternoon rain we have been experiencing. Don’t get me wrong, it is still very very hot. We have been wearing nothing but shorts and tanks since we landed, and the moisture from the rain tends to make it more humid so you actually end up sweating more once it dissipates.

Picking a Tuesday to bike along the beach at East Coast Park was a good idea to avoid crowds of children and tourists. The bike paths were virtually empty and we took our time to pedal from one end of the park to the other and back, a total of 12 miles (18km ish) according to my Strava. Singapore’s PCN or Park Connection Network has a series of bike-able (and walk/run-able) paths that connect through different parts of the entire country. The longest one, the RIR (Round Island Route) is 150km. So as you can see, we barely scratched the surface.

The bike rental place we choose was right next to the East Coast Park Food Village so that we could stuff our faces with some satay and ketupat after the ride. It turned out to be a brilliant plan because it started pouring down rain a few seconds after we returned the bikes.

The next goal in mind for this trip is the entire ECPCN (East Coast Park Connection Network), a 42 mile bike ride :), hopefully it won’t rain this time.


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