Our Journey to Tioman

Our journey from Singapore to Pulau Tioman was long and tiring. To save some time we took a Grab (like a Uber for Asia) to the border crossing. Then things got a little “fun”.. We had to walk up lots of stairs with our big ass backpacks through immigration then down some stairs to a long ass bus line. Then we got on a bus that took us over to the Malaysian border where we had to dismount and go through immigration and security again. Then we had to find our way back on a bus to get to the Larkin Bus Terminal, which is where we needed to catch our bus to Mersing. Mind you we did all this while having two big backpacks and two big camera bags, I have bruises to prove it.

Mersing is the only port from which the ferry departs to Pulau Tioman during off season. There is one ferry per day, depending on the tide. We arrived in Mersing after the ferry had departed so we spent a night to catch the ferry the following day. It was a bumpy 2 hour ferry ride. Kevin was watching some Japanese zombie movie while I was trying not to vomit. As we finally approach Tioman the Jurassic Park theme song began to play in my head, all I can see is turquoise blue waters and thick green forrest. It looked like paradise.

2l3a8218(It was a little rainy the day I look this picture but the water was blue I swear)

The last leg of the journey was a 4WD from the ferry terminal up and down some steep hills to the opposite side of the island where we were staying.

2l3a8128Our little beach chalet for the next few days (1511 Coconut Grove)

2l3a8432The South China Sea

We finally arrived in Tioman!

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