Stranded in Tioman

It is pouring rain outside. The ferry that was supposed to take us back to the mainland today is not coming. We are stuck on the island until further notice, and by the manner in which we were relayed the information I think we should get comfortable. LOL.


It is not the worst thing, being stuck on an island. The rain is coming down pretty hard though, making it difficult to leave the room. It’s a good time to catch up on reading my Kindle and writing some overdue blog posts to catch everyone up on what we have been doing!




We knew it was going to be monsoon-ish coming here, but the rain has been kind enough not to hinder our activities. The first day in Tioman we explored the island on some bicycles and rode from beginning to end of Juara Beach, twice. It is one road, and it isn’t very long. But seconds after we returned the bikes it started pouring down rain!


We sat at Mia’s Café (one of my favorites) had some roti canai, watched the rain, and hung out with some kitty cats.






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