I missed the Super Bowl…

I am currently buried in a beanbag chair in a quiet corner of Tubotel Hostel in Langkawi staring out into the bluest water. From my personal sanctuary I will try to remember and process the previous two weeks.

Sara and her Aunts tore up the dance floor in KL. I quickly realized I cannot dance, no matter how much alcohol I drink.

Obligatory photo of the towers. KL is a great city and we will back soon.

From KL we flew to Kota Bharu on the northeast coast of Malaysia where we linked up with Sara’s cousin Zach.

Kota Bharu featured really interesting Day and Night markets. Most travelers move onto the Perhentian Islands from here but our hostel host warned us that most resorts would be closed and food would be hard to find.


We headed down the coast for Kuala Terrenganu but quickly cut our originally planned 3-night stay to 1 in search of island vibes and duty free booze.

We booked a couple of cheap flights to Langkawi. We flew in a day early and we’ve extended our stay twice already.

Like most places in Southeast Asia, cats run this joint. This is place is definitely a tourist trap but with good reason. I’ve never seen water this clear and the weather’s been perfect. We’ve island hopped via jet-ski one day and then drove scooters around the entire island the next.

I’ve glued myself to this beanbag chair and it’s going to take some effort to get up and do anything else but this. Maybe we should extend our stay one more night…?

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