A Night Out in Manila

After a difficult overnight sleep at the airport we have made it to Manila.


We finally have good wifi!!!

Manila has been a short visit, but a sweet one. I wanted to check in because we are headed north to the mountains and jungles tomorrow and we will not have wifi for some time. womp womp.

We spent our two days in Manila, hunting for some silog (still haven’t found any), enjoying some rooftop drinks at our hostel, catching up with Kevin’s family, enriching ourselves with the local music scene at SaGuijo, and of course restocking supplies to tackle the mosquitoes we are about to face in the jungle.

(shot on iPhone)
(shot on iPhone, obvs)

If there is one thing that you cannot miss in Manila it is the live music scene. It is so freaking food that one of the lead cover singers actually made it into the real band.. I don’t know if you guys have heard of Journey…. lol. jk. if you haven’t you are a loser.


P.S. I get really excited when I see.. Jeepneys! They remind me of Optimus Prime.


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