Status Update

My last day of work was on December 22nd, 2016 and about a week later Sara and I were on a plane bound to Singapore to begin our backpacking adventure. On June 6th I fly back to the states marking the end for this trip. How cool would it be if there was a party waiting for me in LA with everyone we’ve met on this trip? We’ve made friends with fellow travelers and locals and it would be awesome if we could see them all together in the same room. If life were a movie…

Any-who, It’s been awhile. How about some snapshots?

planeMt. Mayon just behind the clouds as we get off our plane in Legazpi, PI.

whalesharkWhale Shark costume in Donsol, PI !

panoIt took us about 3 hours to walk to TOPS Viewpoint in Cebu, PI.

saraSara @ work in Bali, Indonesia.

shroomMushrooms at caSabama Bali, Indonesia.

zachQuit smoking, Zach.

I don’t take many photos and if I do they’re shot on my phone. What I do have is about half a terabyte of video from the past 5 months. This will be my last post while on the road but I will be uploading videos after I get home and start editing.

Stay tuned for more in-depth posts in the coming weeks.



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